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Have you heard about Chiller portable AC? Do you know if it’s real or a scam? Portable Ac’s are trending all over the world due to their mobile nature. People from the United States are curious about this AC and are eager to know if it works or if it’s just a scam. The following article will give you authentic reviews about this portable AC.

Let’s begin the article on Chiller Portable AC Reviews.

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Reviews of Chiller Portable AC

Portable Chiller AC is one of the best things for summer. As per the official website, the portable AC is a personal air cooler that you can use at any location. The Portable AC has received a customer response on the official website. Though the response from customers is unavailable separately the website includes some of the positive responses from buyers.

The buyers have written that the device is very powerful despite being short. The AC is affordable and gives a good cooling effect. Not many reviews of this AC are available on online or other websites. 

Is Chiller Portable AC Scam or Legit?

The Chiller Portable AC is inclusive of several benefits but we must go through the validity of the website. So following are some validity points:

  • Registration Date: The official website of Chiller Portable AC was registered on 30 August 2022. 
  • Trust score: The trust rate of the Chiller Portable AC website is 63.7%.
  • Phishing score: The phishing score of the Chiller Portable AC website is 2/100. 
  • Social media accounts: The website store does not have an account on social media platforms. 
  • Missing information: Any detail about the owner is not provided. 

Chiller Portable AC Reviews and Features 

  • The Chiller portable AC has lightweight which makes it mobile. You can easily carry this portable AC with you in any location.
  • The chiller portable AC has three modes: Gentle mode, Moderate mode, and Artic mode. Through these modes, you can adjust the cooling air you need according to the environment.
  • The portable Chiller AC includes a system of Multilayer Air Filtration that enables it to filter off dust available in the surrounding which allows it to give fresh and clean air to the buyers as per Chiller Portable AC Reviews.

Disclaimer: The reviews and information posted here are grabbed from the official website and other online websites. Though buyers can purchase this product after proper research. 


We have observed that the life expectancy of this website is not more than one year. Also, the trust rate is above average. The product has got a single review on official site and not found any reviews on online site and social media.  So, we suggest buyers to wait for more reviews. 

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Chiller Portable AC Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is Chiller Portable AC?

Ans. Chiller Portable AC is a portable air conditioner that you can use anywhere in Summer. 

Q2. What is the specialty of Portable AC?

Ans. The specialty of this AC is its mobility nature. The AC can be used anywhere and can be transported easily from one location to another. 

Q3. How to use Portable AC?

Ans. To use this Portable AC you need to fill the interior cartridge and plug it anywhere you want to use. 

Q4. Is there any Chiller Portable AC Reviews

Ans. There is only one review available on the official website of Chiller Portable AC.

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