Chick Fil Murder Suicide: Is This Restaurant Open on a Good Friday? Why Davic Dis This? Check Status For Kitchener & London Here!

This article will reveal the mystery behind Chick Fil Murder Suicide. Find all the details of the murder and suicide case.

Have you heard of chick fil restaurant murder and suicide case? Who was the victim of the Chick-fil Murder? Why did the killer kill himself? On Wednesday morning, police reported a car with a dead lady and a man in the drive-through of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

The citizens of Floyd County, United States, were shocked by the incident. The police are investigating the case but didn’t come up with any conclusion. However, they discover the relationship between the lady and the man. To get brief information about the Chick Fil Murder Suicide, read more.


Suicide Murder Case

On Wednesday morning around 7:00 a.m., a 39 year old lady, Cassie Davis was sitting in the car of a Chick-Fil-A drive-through. Suddenly, a 56-year-old man pulled over his car next to Davis. The man who pulled over the car was Anthony Green, according to the police report. Anthony came out of the car and shot 3 bullets at Davis. And soon after that, he shot himself on the spot. 

The foot of Davis gets off the brakes, and her car crashes into an electric box. When the restaurant manager heard the sound of a shot and crash, he immediately called the police. Police investigated the transport and identified the woman and man as Cassie Davis and Anthony Green.

On further investigation, police came to know that both of the dead persons had a past connection. Moreover, the police reported to the media that they used to live together. However, police identified the reason why Anthony killed Davis.

Social Media Brawl

People on social media went crazy after the incident, and the police demanded the restaurant be shut down for a while. People from Kitchener were also asking people on social media whether Chick Fil A is closed in all regions. 

However, the accident took place outside the restaurant in the parking area. But the social media Trends brought the restaurant to LimeLight. After which people also comment that it can impact the restaurant’s reputation. 

In addition, everyone demands the authority to give updates on social media about the case. The owner of Chick Fil restaurant, Greg Major, also posted condolences to the family of the victims. He mentioned, “It is a horrible scenario outside our restaurant. I reported it to the police soon after the crash.”

Is Chick Fil a Open on Good Friday

People want to enjoy a good meal at Chick Fil A. There is good news for the chick fil lovers: the restaurant will be open on Good Friday but for a short duration. People can check out their location and the timing of the restaurant closing.

Social media link 

The information is only available on twitter. Therefore, we cannot provide more social media links.


Final Verdict 

In the parking lot of a Chick fil restaurant, 56-year-old man Anthony killed 39-year-old Cassie Davis. The incident took place in Rome city of the US. Anthony shot 3 bullets at Davis and committed suicide after killing her. Police found a correction between the two but couldn’t get the reason behind the fatal killing.

Do you think Davis and Anthony were married? Comment below. 

Chick Fil Murder-Suicide: FAQs

Q1. What car was Davis driving?

The police didn’t provide the information.

Q2. Is there any other casualty during the incident?

Although the car of Davis Struk, the Electric Box, did not harm any pedestrian or Vehicle.

Q3. How many Bullet Anthony fire on Davis?

3 bullets

Q4. Where is Rome City located?

Rome city is the largest county in Georgia, US.

Q5. Is Chick Fil A Open in London?

Yes, Chick Fil A is open in London except for major holidays.

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