Chariots of Fire Dodi Fayed: Find What Is Chariots of Fire Al Fayed?

The latest season of the Netflix Series ‘The Crown’ has shown the life of Chariots of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana. Read to know more.

The season 5 of the famous television show The Crown has been released. For most of the audience, one thing that came up as a surprise was the inclusion of Dodi Fayed into the cast of the show. The season was released on 9th November 2022 and is trending on the internet Worldwide in huge numbers. The entry of Chariots of Fire Dodi Fayed is much more interesting for those who have watched the last two romances of Diana with Prince Charles and then with Dr. Hasnat Khan.


Who is Dodi Fayed in ‘The Crown’ Season 5?

Our intention in this article is to provide you with the most authentic information about the entry of Dodi Fayed in the latest season of ‘The Crown’. The Netflix web show has heavy following worldwide and has shown the life of British monarchy with as much drama and adventure as possible to keep the audience engaged throughout.

With this, Chariots of Fire Al Fayed is also in news. Dodi Fayed is the oldest son of Al Fayed and was born in Alexandria in the year 1955. If you have seen Season 5, it has focused peculiarly on the life of Al Fayed. Al Fayed was a businessman who wanted to make into the upper crust of the British aristocracy. As per the reports, he amounted to $1.8 billion in 1997 and had bought a shipping company, Ritz Hotel of Paris, and a 30 percent stake in House of Fraser. Now, we move forward to see why his son is in news recently.

Disclaimer: We, in any form whatsoever, do not claim the authenticity of anything written above. The information is collected from online sources and readers can visit original sites or watch the Netflix Show for most accurate information.

The Chariots of Fire Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana 

Dodi Fayed met Diana during a polo match in 1986. Afterwards, Mohamed invited Diana for her summer vacations and this is shown in Season 5 of ‘The Crown’. It is also shown that by the time Diana met Dodi Fayed, her relationship with Hasnat Khan had already ended. From here onwards, the relationship had started attracting media attention. 

Unfortunately, the fateful accident that claimed the lives of both of them happened soon after. When she was having dinner with Al Fayed in a car driven by a driver named Paul, an accident happened which claimed the lives of Chariots of Fire Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana.


In 2022, as The Crown started showing the relationship between Diana and Dodi, there are people wondering about their tragic love story. Soon after their death, there were aspersions on Prince Philip as well for causing the accident but he was given a clean chit by a UK court in 2008. Season 5 of ‘The Crown’ is on Netflix for public to watch. To know more, see Who is Dodi Fayed? How he Met Princess Diana, and What Came Next?  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. When does the latest season of ‘The Crown’ released?

It is released on 9th November, 2022

Q2. Who was the father of Dodi Fayed?

Al Fayed

Q3. In what episode of the season does the story of Diana and Dodi comes up?

Episode 3

Q4. How did Diana and Dodi die?

They died in a car accident

Q5. On which platform could one watch ‘The Crown’?

It is streaming on Netflix 

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