Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Scam: Explore Complete Details On Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2023

The post describes details on Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Scam. Read the article to know the further details.

Have you heard about Easter scam? As Easter is on its way so people are excited about it. Cadbury is providing free opportunity to hide the Easter egg virtually but several people are confused after the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Scam. People from the United Kingdom and Ireland are curious to know about the Cadbury hide 2023 but before that, we will discuss the previous year Easter scam.


Cadbury hunt scam

Last year, the Cadbury scammed has defrauded several customers. In April 2022, people on social media were lured by the fake Cadbury. The scam offered people free chocolate treats with an Easter basket.

Later, the official Cadbury page confirmed that no such treats are offered by them. Cadbury had confirmed that the offers are not genuine. The UK account of Cadbury Twitter has also announced that they have not generated any such offer and requested the customers not to interact with such offers.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Easter is near so the official Cadbury portal is offering a free Easter egg hunt. In the Easter egg hunt users can hide an egg virtually in any part of the world for someone they love and adore. You can share the Cadbury egg hunt with your loved ones so that they can find the egg. You can hide the egg in a memorable place. 

Along with the virtual egg hunt, Cadbury is also offering a real egg to surprise your loved ones. There are two options in the platform that includes hiding an egg and gifting a real Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack and the other option is to hide an egg for free. You can choose any one of them as per your wish. 

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How Cadbury Easter hunt work? 

First, you have to reach the official Cadbury site. Then you have to proceed further with the following steps:

Step 1: Click on “Start hiding” or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: After clicking on start hiding you will get two options; a) Hide an egg and gift a real one b) Hide an egg(free). Click on any one option that you want.

Step 3. This is not a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Scam, so in this step, you can log in freely on the official Cadbury platform. 

Step 4: After putting the details in the signup step you will get access to the egg hunt. Now, you can select the location and hide the egg. 

Step 5: Now, you can write the clue to help your loved ones to find the egg, and after writing the clue you can send it to them.

In a nutshell

Visit this link to learn more about the Cadbury Easter hunt

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Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Cadbury egg scam?

Ans. The Cadbury egg scam happened in 2022 when a fake notice was circulated that promised custom free Easter basket.

Q2. Is the 2023 Cadbury egg hunt physical or virtual?

Ans. The Cadbury Easter egg hunt 2023 is virtual. The users can experience the hunt through Google maps.

Q3. Can users send the real egg to anyone worldwide?

Ans. Cadbury only allows a selected item to be gifted to residents in the UK only.

Q4. Can users hide eggs for more than one person?

Ans. You can hide an egg for only one person at a time in Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2023.

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