[Full Original Video] Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video: How The Full Tape Leaked On Reddit, Tiktok & Instagram? Is It Accessible On Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Media?

The below article consists of all the details & facts for the massacre Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video.

Do you want to know the court decision after the last hearing of the buffalo massacre? What is the current status of the Buffalo Supermarket shooting? What happened in the Court during the last hearing? A white young man killed 10 people in the Supermarket for racial discrimination. Worldwide, people want to know about the Court’s final decision regarding the evil act.

The Evil pleaded guilty and agreed to all the charges against him. Many people want to see the video of a brutal killing in a Buffalo supermarket. Stay tuned to get all the Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video details.

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Inside the Video

The video was shot on the live twitch stream. 19-year-old Payton Gendron embedded an FPP cam on his helmet and started shooting in Buffalo Supermarket. The whole scenario was streaming live on his twitch account during the incident. Only 22 people are watching the stream live.

Authorities removed the video from twitch within no time, but one of the people from the live stream saved the video that was circulating on Telegram. That video was later uploaded on another streaming platform popularly known as Streamable. Authorities were trying to take down the video as fast as possible.

Social media Information

After the incident, the video was circulated on different platforms with fake accounts, including Twitter. More than 3 million people watched the video before the authorities terminated it. Despite that, the video links are also posted on Facebook, which receives more than 500 comments and 4.6K shares. 

A few people also posted the video clips on YouTube and formed informative news, but the motive of posting racist massacre was not pleading to many people. However, you can watch the Court’s Final decision on the Buffalo Supermarket shooting.

Public response

People are accusing him of discriminating behaviour and killing the innocent. Also, people are looking for his Instagram account to get informative details about Evil. Although everyone is trolling him on social media with the hashtag, say no to racism.

Dates of Incident

The incident occurred on 14 May 2022. Later, Gendron was found guilty in the court hearing in November. The final hearing was held in 2023. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

People are complaining about the video getting Leaked On Reddit. Moreover, some people also blame the authorities for not taking any action regarding the video going viral on social media.

Payton Gendron’s final word regarding the incident is that he feels guilty and ashamed for the brutal killing. You also mention that he was carried away by the racist comments on social media. Therefore he decided to take revenge by killing innocent black people.

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Final verdict

Buffalo Shooting Full Video is trending on social media even after the authority’s strict actions. The Killer pleaded guilty, and the Court sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of the Killer when he shot 10 innocent people?

The Killer was 18 years old during the incident.

Q2 How many casualties were found during the shootout?

A total of 13 casualties were found, of which three were critically injured, and 10 were dead.

Q3 What is the main reason for killing the people in the particular Supermarket?

That particular Supermarket is a dominating place for black people.

Q4 How many people are watching the live stream of the incident?

Twenty-two people were watching the live stream on twitch.

Q5 Is shooting a video going viral on Tiktok as well?

The video was uploaded on Tik Tok by multiple fake accounts.

Q6 Are there any white people in the Supermarket?

Yes, people who are critically injured are white people whom he shot by mistake.

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