Botox for More Than Just Wrinkles

If we zero in the world of aesthetics and its evolution, one treatment that really stands out is botox. The reason is simple: botox’s applications transcend beyond fixing wrinkles and reversing aging symptoms.

The Dubai botox industry is soaring since the city is home to the finest medical and aesthetic specialists – providing bespoke treatments to people from all over the globe. But before we discuss reputable dermatologists and acclaimed aesthetics clinic in Dubai providing the service, let’s talk a little about botox itself and what makes this treatment so sought-after.

Botox is no One-Trick Pony

Botox’s magic lies in its alternative, and much lesser-known applications. This is why leading aesthetic clinics in Dubai encourage their discerning clientele to take up this procedure. Without any more delay, let’s jump into the alternative uses of botox.

Prevents Excessive Sweating

If you sweat so profusely that you have to change your clothes several times in a day or are embarrassed to shake other people’s hands, you may have hyperhidrosis caused by a more serious problem such as a hormone imbalance or a medication side effect, but if your doctor has ruled these out, you may have primary hyperhidrosis, which can be alleviated by Botox.

Botox suppresses the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that tells your sweat glands to produce perspiration. More than 90% of the people report positive results within three months of the treatment.

Helps in Alleviating Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s disease causes specific areas in the body to feel cold and numb in response to cold temperature. Botox, when injected in the specific site of the body, helps in easing the flow of blood. 

Aside from cosmetic injections for wrinkles on the forehead, behind the eyes, and between the brows, doctors utilize botulinum toxin (the main agent in botox) to treat facial structural abnormalities including a square jaw, a gummy grin, or a sagging eyelid.

Now that we have a grasp of botox’s alternative uses, let’s explore a few more unconventional yet highly effective uses of botox.


You read that right; we are on the cusp of reaching medical consensus that botox helps in alleviating symptoms of depression. The predicted mechanism relies on the facial feedback hypothesis, which states that an individual’s facial expressions can impact their mood.

A small 2014 research of 74 persons with severe depressive disorder indicated that 52% of those who got botox reported a decline in symptoms six weeks later, in contrast with 15% of those who received a placebo.

Headaches and Migraines

There have been several instances where botox has worked wonders in alleviating headaches and chronic migraine in individuals. In 1992, Dr. William Binder, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, noticed that when he administered clients Botox for wrinkles, they reported fewer headaches. Allergan later tested the medicine on persons with persistent migraines to favourable results. Fast-forward to 2010, and Botox was authorized as one of the treatments for this very condition.

Painful Intercourse

Some women who are past their 40s face pelvic floor muscle spasms or vaginal contractions, which can make sexual intercourse unpleasant. Botox injections every 12 months can relieve pain by causing muscles to cease contracting.

Bladder Issues

Botox has been one of the most effective treatments to manage an overactive bladder or incontinence. Several studies illustrate that approximately 70% of the women treated with botox reported roughly three leaks per day, compared to an average of five leaks per day for those given a placebo. But there is a caveat: botox can sometimes cause the bladder to shut down excessively, necessitating the use of a catheter.

Severe Neck Discomfort

Besides chronic migraine, Botox has yielded favourable outcomes for those suffering from severe neck stiffness and spasms, a condition referred to as spasticity. 


To give you an idea about botox’s popularity in Dubai, some of the most searched keywords on search engines include botox treatment, botox Dubai, laser hair removal in Dubai, hydrafacial, and cupping therapy, to name a few.

The injection, which first gained fame for smoothing wrinkles, has today been hailed as a miracle therapy by the medical community and the public alike for its myriad applications. While generally safe for all types of people, it’s always advisable to do your research before you decide on an aesthetic clinic to undergo the procedure.

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