Bad Cinderella Reviews: Check What Is Bad Cinderella Opening Night? And Also Find Its Reviews

This research on Bad Cinderella Reviews will help you to know the reaction of the public to the newly launched Bad Cinderella song. Kindly read.

Have you watched the Bad Cinderella opening by Andrew Lloyd? After being troubled by the pandemic, the song finally features in the Imperial Theatre and is trending in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. But, people are discussing the Bad Cinderella Reviews widely as many people showered immense love while some didn’t like the song much. Here, we will share the full facts on the opening of Bad Cinderella. Please read.


Reviews on Bad Cinderella!

As per online sources, Bad Cindrella by Andrew Lloyd Webber has finally featured in the Imperial Theatre on March 23. Some people liked the song while some objected and said this new generation fairy tale describes Cinderella to be bad. People share negative views on the song as some didn’t like the title while some didn’t like the story. It got 0.97 critic ratings while 19.33% reader ratings.

Bad Cinderella Opening Night!

As per online sources, Bad Cinderella premiered at the Imperial Theatre after it faced many troubles during the pandemic. The opening night of this song was set for March 23, 2023. Thursday night was enjoyed by many fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The song was directed by Laurence Connor and the lyrics was given by David Zippel. Furthermore, the song was launched in 2021and many actors were part of this music video. The song shows the complete story of the famous fairy tale, Cinderella. But, it has some changes as it was titled Bad Cinderella that molds the story.

Bad Cinderella Broadway includes Grace McLean who played Ever-exacting Queen, the stepmother played by Carolee Carmello, the title role played by Linedy Genao, the step-sister’s role enacted by Sami Gayle, Cinderella’s alternated was enacted by Savy Jackson, and other artists include Angel Lozada, Josh Drake, Michael Baerga, etc.

DISCLAIMER: The reviews had been acquired by online portals. We have not shared any facts on our own. Neither we are questioning anybody’s professional life. We appreciate the hard work and efforts of every single participant and team member of this song who had burnt the midnight oil during the launch of this music video.

Bad Cinderella Wiki!

According to Wikipedia details, Bad Cinderella, a stage musical show, was launched last night. Its music was given by Andrew Lloyd Webber while it was directed by Laurence Connor. The show is quite different from the real Cinderella fairy tale. The music shows a thematic investigation of beauty shaming. In the video, Cindrella changes her look to get love but later discovers that it is good, to be honest with oneself.


Wrapping up this post, we have shared all quality facts on the latest launch of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bad Cinderella. One can check the reviews given to the production house here.

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Bad Cinderella Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the lyricist of Bad Cinderella?

Ans. This song was written by David Zippel.

Q2. Who directed this song?

Ans. As per online sources, this song was directed by Laurence Connor.

Q3. How many ratings did this song get?

Ans. As per the Broadway site, the song got 0.97 critic ratings while it got 19.33% reader ratings.

Q4. When was this song premiered?

Ans. This song was launched in the Imperial Theatre on March 23 (Thursday Night).

Q5. Are the reviews on the song satisfactory?

Ans. No, the Bad Cinderella Reviews are not satisfactory.

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