Baby Feeding and Its Related Top Ten Accessories in UK

Baby Feeding and its accessories are the basic need of all the babies and kids. Up to 1 year of age; baby should be on mother’s milk or formula milk. Female trend of jobs made breast feeding a bit difficult however, manual and electric breast pump could made it possible. 

Formula milk is the 2nd option of feeding for kids of less than 1 year age. There are various varieties of formula milk including but not limited to Nan optipro, Lactogen, Meigi, Holle Stage 3: Goat Milk Formula, Gerber Good Start- Baby Formula Powder etc.   

Among the feeding accessories, feeders with nipples are commonly used for milk sucking. Cleanliness is the biggest concern while using feeding bottles. After 6 months, semi-solid feed should be started. Online marketing is spreading globally. These baby accessories could be purchased online on good rates. However local markets could also be a good choice for urban areas as they have malls and super stores. Are you looking for “my 1st years voucher code”?

Top ten accessories

Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set

It is a unique bottle set to store breast milk with very clear ounce marker. It microwave save bottle and easy to handle. It is fit with all the breast pumps to store breast milk without any danger of spillage. It is plastic designed without any BPA  (Bisphenol A). 

Bowls and spoons

There are tons of baby feed accessories in market. Bowl and spoon are the basic feeding utensils required. Silicone made or other food-grade materials spoon, fork and bowl could be used for small babies for flexible eating and to avoid irritating sore gums. Soft tips and tapered shape of spoon is the best choice. 

Ezpz Happy Bowl

It consists of the bowl and mat together. The bowl suctions to the table so that it is not displaced during the naughty movements of the baby around it. It is very attractively and carefully designed. It is easy to wash and can also be used in microwave and in oven. 

Suction bowls 

Babies after 1 year spill food while eating. Suction bowls and gyro bowl could be a good option for these babies. Suction bowls have suction base that prohibit babies to throw food across the room. These bowls also contain quick release tabs for parents. 

Gyro bowl

Gyro bowl is the rotatable baby feeding bowl that hinders the wastage of food while babies play during eating.

Baby spoon feeder

Baby spoon feeder and food pacifiers can also be used for semi solid food eating. Baby spoon feeders hold up to 3 ounces of mashed baby food. Baby fruit pacifiers could be used to give meshed fruits or cooked vegetables.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

It is a breast pumps that allows a women to carry out her daily activities without waiting for the filling of bottle. It works without producing any noise so a lady can also pick calls during the pumping. 

Teethers and soothers

 Teething started after 6 months and baby need teethers and soothers during this period. Teether is a soft textured toy or any other item which the babies held in mouth and chew it firmly. Teethers are of various materials and shapes. 

Baby teether gloves

Along with conventional teethers, baby teether gloves are a good option. Baby teether gloves/mittens provide babies clean hands and teether facility while other teethers could add dust and dirt inside mouth of babies. Moreover, teething mittens have adjustable strap to avoid baby from falling it on the ground. 

BabyBjorn Soft Bib

It is a specially designed bib that has a high downward curve that works like a pocket. it doesn’t allow any spilled food to get on baby clothes. Spilled material is grabbed within the folded pocket of bib. It is very soft and easy to manage. 

Safety concerns regarding baby feeding accessories

The most important thing that should be considered while using baby feeding accessories is that it should be BPA free. It means it should not contain Bisphenol A in its structure. Silicone made baby food accessories are the best option as they’re free from potentially harmful chemicals like BPA, BSA and phthalates. Moreover, they are unbreakable, soft, durable, easy to clean and economical. Other options could be plastic, stain less steal or glass baby food accessories. But plastic accessories have many concerns and glass accessories are heavy and breakable. Stainless steel is a good choice but can be expensive and heavy. 

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