[Unedited] Atrioc Caught Reddit: What happened after the Atrioc Alt Tab Clip went viral? Also Explore Details On Atrioc Apology Video, And Atrioc Caught From Twitter

In the Atrioc Caught Reddit discussion, we will learn what happened and why people are talking about Brandon Ewing.

Do you know why Twitch streamer Brandon Ewing is in the news? What did he do? And why fans across Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines alleged him of deep fake content? 

Brandon Ewing, aka Atrioc, issued an apology, but what do fans have to say in this regard? We will discuss everything one by one in our post- Atrioc Caught Reddit but let’s begin with knowing the latest news.

What is the latest news?

Twitch star Brandon Ewing is seen in controversies where he has access to graphic deep fake content. On Monday, in one of the live streams, he accidentally showed one browser on his laptop. Fans were able to notice that he has access to non-consensual AI-generated images of women. Slowly the Atrioc Alt Tab Clip screenshot containing URLs and names of the deep-faked women went viral.

Disclaimer: We are writing this content after analysing the matter’s sensitivity and are presenting it here for information. We neither support such actions nor judge the streamer.

What happened after the clip went viral?

Online users verified the website that he was using. His followers were outraged by his actions and opposed him after knowing about it. According to the report, Atrioc had to pay in order to access such content on his screen.

Deepfake images are part of a machine-learning algorithm where one person’s face swap onto another person’s body. It is done in order to create a non-consensual, fake image of women to harass them. 

Atrioc Apology Video- what was his reaction to all these controversies?

In a tearful viral video, he claimed that his motivation for seeing such content was “morbid curiosity” and that it is not a “habit of conduct.” Cosplayer Arianna Ewing, his wife, was also crying as she sat next to the stream.

According to him, he was not watching anyone he knew, as claims were made in the shared screenshot. However, he received unwanted attention as a result of his behaviour, recklessness on stream, and public apology. On Atrioc Caught Vod, he also added that the best line of action, in his opinion, is to delete contributions from the internet. 

What are the reactions of the people involved?

Women whose names are involved in all these also gave their reactions on Twitter. Some of the screenshots we are sharing.


Atrioc, whose real name is Brandon Ewing, released an apology video for his fans. He clarified his actions and said he would not be showing up again. You can watch the reaction of Brandon Ewing on Reddit here.

[deleted by user]
by inLivestreamFail

Do you have to say anything about how he was caught or what he did? Do comment.

Atrioc Caught Reddit- FAQs

Q1. Who is Brandon Ewing?

Brandon Ewing is a popular Twitch streamer who also goes by Atrioc online.

Q2. Why are people talking about him?

People are talking about him because of one of his accidental actions.

Q3. What did he do?

During the live stream, he accidentally showed one of the browsers that contained non-consensual content. 

Q4. Is his content leaked online?

The leaked screenshot contains the URL, names and some images of deep-faked women.

Q5. What is there in an apology video? 

After Atrioc Caught Twitter with the apology video, he clarified what he did and what people are sharing.

Q6. What is the reaction of people to his video?

Many people describe his apology as strange, and others wonder what the big deal he cried.

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