A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating APA Style Dissertation Format

Tarleton University provides insights on the use of APA style dissertation format back in the 1900s. It has evolved since 1929 as an informal guide. Later it came in the first manual in 1952 and currently its 7th edition was available in 2020. The APA citation format is perhaps one of the most widely used forms in the world. 

The Sheffield Hallam University guides the university students on its official site to ask them to use APA 7th edition format in their writings. Students are directed to use this citation unless they are guided by the teacher to use another style. It shows the popularity of this writing format across UK universities that provides the foundation for effective scholarly communication. 

Considering the increasing use, this guide is meant for students looking for a comprehensive guide. Instead of reading long write-ups just to grasp this easy concept, consider it to develop a basic understanding. 

What Is APA Style Dissertation Format?

The APA style format is one of the most popular forms for citing your master’s and PhD thesis. According to Montclair State University, the APA format should be using Times New Roman font with double-spaced manuscripts. The margin should not be justified but left aligned. 

How Do You Cite a Dissertation in APA Format?

Consistency in the order and structure is the key to any academic writing. The same goes for dissertation writing. Using APA style dissertation format will ensure that the reader is focused on the content rather than its presentation. 

If you are looking at how to cite key components of an academic work, continue reading. Here we will address some of the most frequently asked questions of the students regarding this formatting. 

Does APA Have a Title Page?

The APA dissertation title page is necessary for all APA-style papers. There are both teacher and student styling forms available in APA style dissertation format. However, students are only allowed to use the student version unless your tutor especially instructs you to use a professional formatting style. 

The title page includes the author’s name, course code, course title, teacher name, assignment date of submission, and page number. They are not supposed to add running heads unless instructed by the tutor. For the professional title page include the paper title, author name and note, running head and page number. 

What Font Is APA Format?

The font size is important in determining the readability of your text in APA style dissertation format. For APA, many font sizes are acceptable. Even the default font of your Word file is also workable. The University of Lethbridge recommends APA font size that can either be 11-point calibre or Arial, 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode or Computer Modern, and 12-point Times New Roman. 

Writing a dissertation in a particular format can be artful. That is the reason a majority of students do not take that risk and order dissertations online from expert writers. Professionals are well-trained to use APA style dissertation format in your paper flawlessly. Something done by a professional will have a different flair than that done by an inexperienced student. Above all, you will be standing out among all with your winning document. 

What Is the Biggest Font In APA?

As we have discussed above there are a variety of options available for using font size in APA style dissertation format. But what can be the maximum size font to be used here? The recommended font is between 8 to 14. For figures, you can use a sans-serif font. However, for tables and graphs, it can be up to 14 points Calibri. 

What Is Double Spacing in APA Format?

Generally speaking, you have to double-space all the parts of your paper while following APA style dissertation format. It includes your text, table, figure, quotations, notes, titles, and referencing list. Do not add any extra space before and after paragraphs. There are some exceptions to it. 

For instance, the body of your table can be single-spaced or one-and-a-half-spaced.  However, the words used in the image of the figure may also be single-spaced. It is also permissible to apply triple spacing before or after equations. 

APA Style Dissertation Format Sample

The California State University provides a sample for APA style. Find below the abstract writing format, 

Does APA Need an Abstract?

The abstract is written to provide a summary of your text to the reader. Generally, it is a paragraph of 250 words that must be coherent, concise and accurate. The Rasmussen University provides insights on the use of abstracts in APA style dissertation format. Some of the instructors asked students to write abstracts. 

However, it is not a necessary part of it. However, to be on the safer side, you need to consult your tutor before starting writing so that it may not affect your grades later. The abstract is placed after the cover page and before the actual text of the paper. Find below an example, 

Do You Give Number to References In APA?

Referencing is meant to give credit to the author in your academic writings. The APA style dissertation format also needs proper referencing so that you can avoid plagiarism. According to the University of Queensland, in APA format the references should not be numbered. 

If the author’s name is not known, then it should be cited using the first significant words of the title. However, if there is more than one author, then use the name in chronological order, with the earliest date of publication coming first. 


The APA style dissertation format is one of the most widely used formats globally, especially in UK universities. Even on various university sites, students are specially instructed to use this formatting style in their academic writing. Students are only allowed to use any other format if they are specially asked by the teacher. Considering the concerns of students regarding APA formatting, the above-mentioned guide addressed the prominent queries. 

From the title page to referencing, all were addressed well so that there should not remain any chance of making mistakes while writing. You can practice it independently, but asking for help from dissertation writing services from reputable sources can be more beneficial. There are experts in the field who have years of experience. So instead of worrying over your concern get it done by specialists. 

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