How to Use Animated Videos for Online Black Friday Sales? 

We are in that month where you can smell black Friday. November 26th is the D-day, but we get black Friday offers throughout November. If you have a business online or have something to offer to the shoppers, it’s a good idea to make animation videos about the black sale offers. 

Shoppers scramble for the black Friday offers, which is evident from the analysis. In 2020 alone, US customers spent about $9 billion shopping for different products and services on black Friday. 

The tradition is now everywhere, which means there is more to be spent and for you, the business owner, to harness.

Let’s see how you can use animated videos for the black Friday online sales campaign and bring a chunk of the expenditure to your side. 

Make Animation Videos Using the Best Online Video Creator 

Before you can use animated videos, you need to create them first. That’s where you need a recommendation of the best platform. There are many tools, but it’s easy to rely on a web-based platform to animation services

Doratoon is a perfect online animation maker to help you craft something for the black Friday sales. It has everything you require to build your first animated video and the ones that will follow. 

Once you join the platform, you can start by selecting a ready-made template related to black Friday and other online sale campaigns. So, you don’t need to create a video from scratch, although that is also easy. 

Being web-based makes reaching easy since you only need an internet connection and account credentials. Once you are on the dashboard, Doratoon will share the following with you.

Features of Doratoon:

  • Numerous Free Templates Library

There are thousands of templates that you can utilize to create your animated videos for business. You can use Doratoon to create a video that matches your business environment. That also gives you various ways to approach your black Friday offerings and how you will present them on the video. 

  • Plenty of Animated Characters 

There are many animated characters, objects, patterns, and text formats that you can use in the video. They offer you creative ways to create the final output as you try to make the black Friday animated video enticing. 

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion and Subtitle Addition 

You can convert text into speech on Doratoon. If you don’t have a voice-over recording that you can use, just type the text, choose the voice you would like to use, and it will do dubbing for you to help you explain your goods. If you want the audience to understand the message, you can add subtitles where necessary. 

  • Ability to Import 

Would you like to add other material to the animated video? Doratoon can help you import the files you need. You will also use the same route to convert PPT files about your goods into videos. 

  • Path-Finding Ability 

The characters you add to the video can also move. Doratoon enables that using the path-finding features. You can make the characters move in straight lines, curved ones, or a circle. 

  • Different Orientations Available 

You can choose the landscape or portrait orientations before making the video. What you go for depends on your requirements and where you will post the animated videos. 

  • Export Directly in Multiple Formats 

You can export the animated videos in MP4 or PPT formats. Sharing the video can be done on the platform if you have a Facebook or Twitter account. For other platforms, you can copy the video link and paste it there where you need the video to be. 

Using Animated Videos to Inform 

Now that you know how to make animation videos, there are various ways you can use them to spice up the black Friday activities. One essential way is to inform people that your black Friday sales are finally here. 

You can be ahead of the game by using animated videos to educate people before the sales arrive. You can start by introducing the offers and products with unbelievable discounts. 

That way, your customers will be waiting for something they anticipate to have. By the time the sale kicks in, they will be storming on your website and social accounts, among other places you have placed the offers. 

Launching the Hourly Offers 

Animation videos are also a perfect way to introduce the hourly offers. We are already in the black Friday month, and businesses tend to open discounts every Friday. So, you can use such opportunities to introduce hourly offers when prices are meager. 

The advantage of animated videos is that they are easy and quick to make. Therefore, you can use them to make short videos introducing offers you have during specified times of the day. 

You can also use them to advertise the proposals before they arrive. 

Introducing New Products and Discounts 

Black Friday is about selling products and services at highly discounted prices. On the other hand, having the same products may attract a few of those who need such. So, to keep them coming, it’s a good idea to introduce different products with variety. 

If there is no time to create a perfect video, animation makers like Doratoon can come to your rescue. They will help you create a quick video introducing the next products on the Black Friday offers. 

Free Shipping Offers 

You have some black Friday offers just like every other business. The cream here will provide free shipping or shipping at meager prices. More than 80% of customers will shop from your store or website if they see the free shipping tag. 

Animated videos can help advertise that by including the information on the videos with products you would like to ship for free. 

So, you can find more favor if you offer to take the products without costing the customers. To counter the cost, you can ensure that the price will cater to the shipping. Another way is to choose a courier service that will charge you less but still deliver on time. 

Wrap Up 

You can also use animation videos during black Friday month and D-day to cut advertising costs and still provide the message. They are a perfect way to advertise and also fun to watch. 

It’s easy to make animated videos using an animation maker like Doratoon. Just create an account and try out all the features within the 7-day trial period. There are many templates and guidelines to help you make an animation for free about black Friday. 

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