Amber Wright Seath Jackson: Was Seath Die? Was Amber Murdered Seath, Check Her Wikipedia Page Details!

This article about Amber Wright Seath Jackson gives you information about seath Jackson’s killing case.

Nowadays, the only reason for death is not limited to natural causes and ailments, just like 15-year-old seath Jackson killed by being hit and shot by four persons, including his ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright.

Do you know what happened to seath Jackson? Are you wondering what is the role of Amber in Seath’s death? People Worldwide are talking about the death of seath Jackson, which happened many years ago. Read this article on Amber Wright Seath Jackson till the end to know everything in detail.


What is the role of Amber Wright in Seath Jackson’s death?

After the ITV documentary show, “killer women with piers Morgan,” with an IMDb rating of 7.7, people are searching for Amber Wright and are curious to know about her life and what she did to Seath Jackson.


The article contains killing and physical assault further, so audience understanding is required. We have taken all information from an online source and don’t blame any individual involved in the act. We don’t claim any truthiness and exactness of the information provided.

Amber Wright helped in the Murder of her 15-year-old ex-boyfriend, Seath Jackson. The duo was in a happy relationship, but with time they started fighting, and their relationship became sour, due to which they parted ways. Amber came into connection with a boy named Michael Bargo.

It is said that Margo is the mastermind behind the killing of Seath Jackson. There are four persons in the case, out of which three got lifetime jail, and Margo was given a death sentence.

What is the decision taken by the court?

Amber Wright is involved in Seath Jackson’s murder in 2011. Amber Wright Seath Jackson were 15 when the crime was committed. Anthony Tatti was the judge at that time who stated that he had never seen or heard of such cold-hearted crimes that don’t have any acceptable explanation.

The judge further said that he wished the reason behind all these was an immature mind and some hormonal changes due to chemical imbalance. He said this as the crime is committed, but none of them have a valid explanation that could be considered for this hatred.

Amber Wright’s Wikipedia

Real Name Amber Wright
Nick Name Unknown
Profession Currently In Prison
Age 26
Birthdate 29 March 1996
Known For  Killing Seath
Race White
Birthplace Florida
Parents Unknown

How did they kill Seath?

They took Seath to the Summerfield home, and after reaching there, they beat him a lot and then shot him with a gun. After he died, they burned his dead body to leave no evidence behind.

The authorities found the dead remains of Seath after some days in the paint bucket that was dumped in the back. Amber and Michael were suspected, as she and Seath had broken up some days back, and then she started dating Michael. you can check reddit link further in social media links section for information.

Amber Wright Seath Jackson –What is the decision taken by the court?

The court said that this was a first-degree murder and arrested all. In 2012 it was seen that Amber was the youngest of all in the group, and Seath’s mother, Sonia Jackson, said that Amber should not be given the same punishment as others as she is still in her developing age and the others might have influenced her.

 It is found that Bargo is the one who shot Seath, so he is given a death sentence. At the time of the sentence, Amber is 19 years old and said that she is not the old one and has developed a lot over the years with the guilt eating her up.  

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Amber Wright is given 25 years of jail, and others who hit Seath also get to prison, but Michael, the hitman, is given a death sentence. For more information about Amber Wright, click on this link

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Amber Wright Wiki: FAQs:

Q1. What is the name of Seath Jackson’s mom?

Her name is Sonia Jackson.

Q2. What is the punishment given to Michael?

The judge gives him a death sentence.

Q3. Who are the hitman and the mastermind behind the crime?

Michael Bargo is said to be the one by the court.

Q4. How old is Amber at the time of the crime?

Amber is 15 years old.

Q5. What is done with the dead body of Seath?

It is burned in the backyard of Summerfield’s home then the remains are dumped after Seath’s Death.

Q6. How is Amber Wright related to Seath and Michael?

Amber is the ex-girlfriend of Seath and the former girlfriend of Michael.

Q7. How old is Seath at the time of death?

He is 15 years old at the time of death.

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