What You Have to Know About Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air conditioners, like any other equipment, are subject to breakdowns. Fortunately, most faults can be easily fixed with proper repairs. Therefore, if your split system is out of order, you should not repair it yourself and search for a solution to the problem on the Internet. It is better to immediately look for professional air conditioning repair services. So, keep on reading!

Repairing air conditioners and split systems at home

Here is a list of the most common air conditioner problems you may encounter: 

  1. Malfunctions associated with the split system fan. 
  2. Compressor failure. 
  3. Failure of the electronic control board of the air conditioner. 
  4. Problems with the heat exchanger located in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

This is just a small list of the problems that can happen to your air conditioner. If your device malfunction is not related to this list, call professionals for diagnostics, like Alpha Mechanical. They will fix the problem and fix it on the spot. 

The air conditioning repair master can help you with the next things:  

  1. To inspect the air conditioner for mechanical damage.
  2. To check the power supply voltage.
  3. To eliminate leakage of phase voltage.
  4. To check the reliability of the electrical connection, the presence of grounding, and the condition of the wiring. 
  5. To check the condition of the radiator, evaporator, and condenser of the split system. 
  6. Check the condition of the drain pump.
  7. Check the refrigerant, or rather its quantity. 
  8. Measure the parameters of the air conditioner (difference in inlet and outlet temperatures). 
  9. Measure the current in the compressor.
  10. If a problem is found, fix the problem.

Causes of an air conditioner malfunction

 There can be a huge number of reasons for the malfunction of your air conditioner, we will talk about some of them: 

  1. Poor-quality copper pipe flaring leads to freon leakage or freezing of the indoor/outdoor unit.
  2. Unqualified connection of the electrical part or voltage drops. They can lead to burnout of electronic and power boards, as well as starting capacitors.
  3. Laying the drainage system in violation of technology. It can cause blockage of the air conditioner and cause periodic or constant leakage of condensate from the indoor unit. Unqualified installation can lead to moisture getting inside the freon circuit and the formation of acid, which is displayed as a green coating on the inside of the copper pipe.
  4. Poor insulation of copper pipes when laid in strobes can lead to their destruction.

This is only a small part of the problems that our specialists can identify and fix. We provide a guarantee of up to 6 months for all repair work, as well as spare parts. Otherwise, a more serious breakdown may occur, the elimination of which will have to spend a significant amount of.

Repair of climate equipment

Untimely maintenance of the air conditioner, voltage fluctuations in the mains, and operation of the outdoor unit in an unfavorable urban environment with temperature fluctuations. All this can lead to a breakdown of the split system.  

If your air conditioner has stopped working or cooling the room, then you need to urgently call a specialist to diagnose and fix the problem. They can carry out repairs to any air conditioner in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. All parts and repairs are usually guaranteed.

Repair of household air conditioners with home visits

The main problem in the repair of modern household air conditioners is the difficulty in delivering equipment to a service center where it will be repaired. After all, services for dismantling and subsequent installation are expensive.

Repair of the indoor unit of the air conditioner

  1. The indoor unit does not cool the air in the room where it is installed, or the temperature of the cold air is not sufficient to cool the room. This may be due to clogged filters, poor fan performance, etc.  
  2. When the air conditioner is running, water drips from it. A malfunction may be caused by a clogged drain pan or tube through which condensate is removed; also, a lack of freon may be the cause of leakage from the indoor unit.
  3. The indoor unit does not turn on. The causes of the malfunction are related to the connection to the power supply, the operation of the electronic or power boards of the air conditioner, and the problem may be in the operation of the photodetector or the remote control.

Repair of the external unit of the air conditioner

  1. The air conditioner turns on, but after 10-15 minutes it stops working. This problem may be caused by pollution (causing the outdoor unit to overheat), malfunction of the outdoor unit fan, and other problems.  
  2. On the external unit, the module to which communications are connected is frozen over. This may be caused by a lack of freon in the cooling circuit of the device. Our specialist will find out and eliminate the cause of freon leakage, as well as refuel the split system with the required amount of refrigerant.

Repair of the external unit of the air conditioner must be done as soon as possible, otherwise, the defect may cause the split system to fail and may require the replacement of the air conditioning compressor or all equipment.


The breakdown of the air conditioner can be caused by improper maintenance of the system, poor-quality installation, violation of the terms of maintenance, power surges, and other reasons. The specialists of the Alpha Mechanical company have the necessary knowledge and special tools that will help them carry out accurate diagnostics and carry out professional repair of air conditioners.

All employees of this company have a full set of necessary tools and diagnostic equipment to identify and eliminate the causes of malfunction of your equipment.

And remember that even a small problem in operation can lead to a serious breakdown, and subsequently to its replacement. Timely diagnostics and repair of the device will be cheaper than buying a new one. Thank you for your attention.

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