11 Unpopular Websites That Make Students’ Lives Easier

As a student, you have to learn many new things in a short period of time. You need to process a large amount of information, cook food for yourself, and live frugally. And at the same time, have room for activities besides college, travel on a budget, and rest!

This usually takes a lot of time and effort. But there are plenty of online resources that can help you be more efficient and save time. You probably already know some most popular tools to help you meet your goals. For example, hiring an essay writer, many online learning course platforms, or the famous TED talks. But sometimes, a mission to find the right tool for your task is more complicated. And it might be really stressful.

So we decided to make your life a bit easier and create a list of less known but sometimes even more helpful websites for students’ lives.


At first glance, this resource seems to be a kind of a hodgepodge. There is everything about everything here. But if you look closely, you will find a lot of interesting things. One of the gems there is an impressive list of links to:

  • famous dictionaries and encyclopedias;
  • the most popular newspapers;
  • the latest world news. 

In general, everyone will find something for themselves here.


Novelgide is an excellent site for future philologists. It contains materials that will help students better understand classics and modern literature. And this information won’t make you scream from boredom for sure. There are hundreds of textbooks for playwrights, novelists, and essayists. You can also find books on literary analysis, reports and essays, and book reviews. All the important things that students sometimes lack.


If you want to get enough sleep, the sleepyti.me will be handy. This service calculates the time you need for a night of quality sleep. Everything is very simple. You enter the time you need to wake up, and the service will tell you when you need to go to bed. After such an experience, you will definitely feel invigorated.


When you have to work with files a lot, Tiny Wow is your best friend. This website really does everything! There you can find tools that will solve your everyday problems:

  • files conversion, 
  • merging files, 
  • removal of background, 
  • splitting files, 
  • upscaling images, 
  • generating QR codes, and so on. 

It also has tools for:

  • downloading videos from any social media app,
  • tracking links, 
  • making memes,
  • pixelating images. 

The most important thing is that new tools are added to the website weekly, and the site is free of charge.

Shakespeare Online

The name of this resource speaks for itself. Everything you didn’t know about Shakespeare – you will find it here.

How to analyze his sonnet, how to understand the monologue of Hamlet or Macbeth, and how to study his works. The facts of his biography, famous quotes for inspiration, the story of how he died, and even what the great Englishman drank. It will be useful not only for students but also for younger children who want to impress their teachers with their knowledge.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library. It is a site where you can download more than 30,000 free electronic books for reading. 

Yet, the word “free” does not quite correspond to the truth. If you read the terms carefully, it turns out that instead of payment or registration, you need to make a small donation. Which, according to the authors, will go towards the digitization of books.


In the Moodle system, you can create and store electronic learning materials and set the sequence of their study. The electronic format allows you to use interactive resources of any format, from Wikipedia articles to YouTube videos, as textbooks. 

Also, Moodle is focused on joint work, and it provides a lot of tools:

  • wikis, 
  • glossary, 
  • blogs, 
  • forums,
  • workshops. 

Training can be carried out asynchronously. It means that each student studies the material at their own pace. And it could be carried out in real-time by organizing online lectures and seminars.


This is an incredible site where you can find more than 100,000 instructions for:

  • independent creation of various devices, 
  • repair of equipment, 
  • cooking,
  • construction, 
  • science experiments, and a lot more. 

It will be especially useful for those who like to work with their hands. Instructables will help you to learn how to make anything and find your happy place. If students themselves create something quite unusual and original, they can also share their ideas with other users here.


Another resource is Lumosity, a website with training for developing mental abilities. With this very useful app, you can improve your reaction, memory, attention, and other qualities necessary for studying. The training is gamified. A program of development is drawn up specifically for each participant.


Allmath is a wonderful site that offers a large number of calculators. These calculators represent a special class in terms of design and operation. They calculate accurate and fast results with one click of the mouse.

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/calculator-concept-illustration_6982903.htm

Its versatility can be judged by the fact that it contains almost 372 calculators that are currently actively working. They are very accurate in their work and differ from each other, so they are considered niche and discipline-dependent.

Students and teachers with different training levels can use this website to perform complex calculations on a single platform. This site offers a wide range of calculators for different fields of study. For example:

  • Basics of mathematics: arithmetic sequence calculator, decimal fraction calculator, etc.
  • Physics: Bernoulli number calculator, AC to DC calculator, etc.
  • Hydraulic mechanics/engineering: Hydraulic radius calculator, lighting converter.
  • Geometry/Advanced mathematics: primitive calculator, quadratic equation calculator.

In addition to these categories, this website has other calculators that can help you with your tasks.


We all agree that remembering everything that needs to be done today, in a month or an hour, is very difficult. You can’t do without a good assistant here. The convenient SplenDO application will help you remember important work and plan your daily schedule.

It works very simply. In a small window, you need to write down the task: what exactly needs to be done, when, and at what time. If you don’t have enough time to type manually, then dictate the phrase – the application will type it out for you. Tasks can also be structured by groups: home, family, work, etc.

Every time the deadline to complete a task comes, SplenDO will notify you with a beep. To keep your plan close to your eyes, simply add the app widget to your desktop.

Final Words

There are a seemingly endless number of interesting and helpful websites that students can turn to for knowledge or distraction. But when new tasks appear non-stop, you need to be careful when looking for resources that you use for learning. Or for organizing and managing your leisure. We really hope that the websites mentioned above will match best to your needs and sensibilities.

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