100 Medical Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Essays

Medical argumentative essays are a popular assignment requirement where students have to present both sides of an argument. While some students enjoy exploring and learning about new topics, many get nursing essay help to tackle complicated ones.

Several top-ranked academic platforms like MyAssignmentHelp.com provide students with comprehensive nursing essay help. From brainstorming unique ideas to editing documents to perfection, they ensure a one-stop solution. Nonetheless, if you wish to complete your paper on your own but need help finding the right topic, refer to this article.

Here, we’ve enlisted the 100 best medical argumentative essay topics for your reference. You can modify them to fit your specific needs and start with the nursing essay without additional help or further delay.  

100 Medical & Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics to Help You Write

Controversial Medical Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Healthcare expenses in the US and its toll on the citizens
  2. Homeless people should have the right to free healthcare facilities
  3. Relationship between poverty and poor health
  4. Is homeopathy an effective medical practice?
  5. People without proper health insurance must have equal rights to avail medical facilities.
  6. Government should take serious action against healthcare bodies for unexpected errors.
  7. Doctors should not promote any medical product without verifying its quality and safety.
  8. Euthanasia should or should not be illegalized worldwide
  9. Governments globally should legalize abortion to protect women’s rights
  10. Factors influencing the increase in the cost of healthcare in the States

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health Practices

  1. Should shows or advertisements promoting plastic surgery be banned?
  2. Is the government responsible for encouraging citizens to lead a healthy life?
  3. Influencers and celebrities don’t promote healthy body image
  4. Will the legalization of marijuana have a diverse effect on people’s health?
  5. Imposing regulations on the consumption of alcohol and fast food is a waste of effort.
  6. Should teenagers be allowed to take birth control in emergencies?
  7. The state should ban the production of products affecting others’ well-being.
  8. Only exercising cannot improve a person’s health conditions
  9. How effective are alternative remedies than conventional medicines?
  10. The most effective way of communicating with patients with critical ailments

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics: Laws & Policies

  1. Doctors should restrict giving minors medical treatments in case their parents oppose them.
  2. Parents should volunteer for their children’s vaccination against lifelong illnesses.
  3. A patient should be considered for organ transplantation irrespective of their achievements.
  4. Governments should allow parents to decide whether they want a traditional or surrogate pregnancy.
  5. Patients should decide whether to use surrogacy for health issues or on purpose.
  6. Why is doctor-patient confidentiality important?
  7. Patients with mental health challenges have the right to proper treatment
  8. Main factors causing weight gain among teenagers in the US
  9. People leading unhealthy lifestyles should have access to limited government healthcare facilities
  10. Patients should or should not be informed of every aspect of their treatment.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Medical Research 

  1. Ways to mitigate threats caused by dangerous medical research
  2. Genetic engineering is unethical to humans and must be banned
  3. Was the Covid-19 pandemic manmade?
  4. Medics should stop testing human drugs on animals
  5. Technology cannot replace human doctors, no matter how advanced it becomes
  6. No medical testing should be done on humans without their permission
  7. Should there be a limit on human beings taking medical tests?
  8. The Corona Virus was a manmade biochemical weapon to reduce the population count.
  9. Aging pills delay aging. Is it true or a scam?
  10. Is Cancer curable with alternative medicine?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics – Healthcare Management

  1. How efficient is the healthcare management system in maintaining healthcare facility standards?
  2. Private hospitals have better management systems than public ones
  3. Registered nurses should not perform the duties of a doctor in a medical emergency
  4. How effective is Human Resource Management in improving healthcare quality?
  5. Surgeon’s role in the healthcare system
  6. How responsible are healthcare institutions in protecting the environment?
  7. Relationship between medical staff and its effect on patients’ well-being
  8. A hospital gives more medical tests to generate more revenue.
  9. How can healthcare professionals improve their relationships with each other?
  10. Medical management should restrict intimate relationships between staff members.

General Medical Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. How effective are flu shots?
  2. The US government should invest more to improve the medical facilities for uninsured residents.
  3. There should be a parity between the number of male nurses to women nurses
  4. How safe and accurate are the data management systems in American hospitals?
  5. Should prisoners have the right to access government healthcare facilities?
  6. Electronic health record systems – Analyze the benefits and challenges
  7. What justifies the exuberant healthcare cost in the US?
  8. Hospitals should provide free translators for international patients for open communication.
  9. Difference between infants who are vaccinated and those who are not
  10. The benefits of yearly checkups on elderly citizens

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Effectiveness of the weight loss approaches shown on TV (Refer to sample medical essays on MyAssignmentHelp.com for reference.)
  2. Social media sites should regulate their content to reduce their content’s impact on mental health.
  3. Should there be regulations around running fast food chains?
  4. The rise in obesity cases in the US. Is it a private or public concern?
  5. Teens should be encouraged to lead a healthy life from a young age to avoid dire health conditions.
  6. What is the best way to treat Cancer?
  7. An older adult should be the one to decide whether s/he wants to stay in an elderly center.
  8. America should not import goods from countries promoting child labor and jeopardizing their health.
  9. Legalization of organ transplantation
  10. How to be emphatic to someone with a chronic medical condition despite not having the same condition?

Interesting Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Ways to improve the healthcare systems in underdeveloped nations
  2. What are the benefits and challenges of medical technology?
  3. What are the dangers associated with mass vaccination?
  4. How to determine if someone needs immediate medical assistance?
  5. How to protect children from usual medical conditions?
  6. Governments should allocate more funding for developing practical research projects.
  7. Ways to protect patients from identity theft and monetary scam
  8. Identifying the symptoms of different medical conditions
  9. Scientists should or should not research options for increasing human being’s immortality
  10. Pick a chronic healthcare condition that requires immediate cure

Must-know Medical Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Risks of catching flu, cough, or other diseases with the upsides of regular health checkups
  2. Natural remedies vs. prescription medication for fighting insomnia
  3. In-patient treatment vs. outpatient treatment for injuries requiring surgery
  4. Benefits of alternative medicine treatments vs. traditional Western medicines
  5. Symptoms and diagnosis of Cancer in men and women
  6. Mental illness and its impact on patients fight terminal diseases
  7. How does the quality of medical services differ in private hospitals from public healthcare centers?
  8. Diagnosis of schizophrenia – compare and contrast
  9. Use of stem cells for medical research
  10. Governments should allow a person suffering from a terminal illness to end their life.

Popular Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. There’s no successful cure for Cancer. How far is the claim true?
  2. Do you think abortion is ethical? Express your views
  3. Do medicines work if the patient isn’t mentally at peace?
  4. Should we exercise before eating a meal?
  5. Should certain vaccines be banned worldwide?
  6. Was Covid-19 a manmade disaster?
  7. Should doctors charge a hefty amount for their services?
  8. Should children’s vaccination be made mandatory?
  9. How to keep the odds of organ transplantation scams at bay?
  10. Do we need a better healthcare infrastructure? 

Closing Note

You’ll find ample resources on these medical argumentative and nursing essay topics. These will help you conduct in-depth research and develop the paper using credible data, facts, and information. Writing a medical argumentative essay from scratch is hard and time-consuming. You can seek personalized guidance from subject-specific professionals. Sign up with popular platforms like MyAssignmentHelp.com for unmatched quality nursing essay help and more.

Cheers, and Good Luck!

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