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This research of the Write for Us Legal will help you to gain knowledge about the reliable method to write guest content for Opensquares.  

What are your opinions on legal matters? Can you assist others in solving the legal issues? If you possess this capability, then you can share the Write for Us Legal after researching the legal matters. This opportunity has been provided for the contributors who are good at researching legal affairs. Opensquares invite all those contributors who want to flourish their career as freelancer content writer. Kindly go through this article to learn how to write a guest post. 

What do Opensquares offer? 

We are a platform where one can find a wide range of topics which are latest and demanded by the readers. You can explore the website to seek information on any topic that you may want to read. Such topics are mostly related to recent news which are going on in the news. The Write for Us + Legal post helps you explore all the facts related to legal matters. You can advise others on legal affairs and solve the queries of the readers through your guest post. This opportunity by Opensquares lets you connect with people from different corners of the world. Your knowledge will be helpful for others to learn something new from you all. Moreover, we work on other niches such as authors, books, pets, product reviews, cryptocurrency, insurance, law, industry, website reviews, manufacturing, international news, fashion, social media, beauty, films, entertainment, environment, and many more. You will find thousands of topics which are in the news. 

Tips to Write a Legal Write for Us

Anybody can be an online contributor, but not everyone can become an efficient contributor. You have to dive into the world where you need to understand every guideline very carefully so that you may not commit any mistake while writing a guest post for our website. Here, we have provided all the tips that are essential to understand from a contributor’s point of view. So, keep reading them. 

  • The word limit in the guest content cannot exceed 1000 words or cannot precede 500 words.
  • Any type of plagiarised sentences are not acceptable in our guest posts. The score of plagiarism should be zero.
  • The “Write for Us” + Legal should not have any errors like punctuation, grammatical, or spelling mistakes. Please ensure that your content has at least a 98% score based on grammar. 
  • The hyperlinks attached to your content can be placed only after 80 percent of the content. It should be placed efficiently. 
  • There should be 160 words after combining the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. These paragraphs should be precise and short in length.
  • The description of your article should be 97 to 160 characters. Keeping a short and informative description will enhance the look.
  • Kindly use simple language so that everyone can understand the guest post on Legal + “Write for Us”.
  • You should also avoid using indecent words or language that should not be hurtful. 
  • The article can be made more appealing if you use graphics in the content.
  • The count of spam should be as minimal as possible. It must not go beyond 3 percent in the hyperlink.
  • The word gap between the keywords can range from 90 words to 110 words. 
  • The external links should have green colored text while internal links should have blue colored text.
  • The mark of readability on the content cannot be less than 90 percent. 
  • The internal links must be in blue texture while green texture must be used for external links.

Niches For Legal “Write for Us”

  • Legal Matters and Procedures to carry on such matters
  • How to handle legal affairs efficiently?
  • Important Steps During Legal Investigation! 
  • Legal Activities In Your Country
  • How to differentiate between Legal and illegal procedures? 
  • Role of Legal advisors and officials! 

All the topics discussed above are entirely different from one another and one can choose from the topics mentioned above. We have provided the details on some of the static topics, but you can choose according to the latest updates and the topics that the readers want to read. So, kindly make a wise choice while choosing the topics for our website. 

Reasons to Write the Write for Us Legal for Us! 

The rank of our website based on SERP is very high. We have been using SEO option titles every time which yields high views on every content posted on our website. This makes us a renowned platform. Being a contributor to our website, your content will be noticed by many readers who are sitting across different corners. Many editors or journalists may approach you for other projects if they like your content posted on our website. Thus, it will give you new opportunities. 

Requirements to become a contributor! 

There are not many requirements that you need to fulfill to become a contributor for Write for Us Legal. You should be able to write the content in English. This means that you should English properly and must have good skills to write informative content for our website no matter which profession you pursue. 

Sharing of the guest post! 

You may feel that sharing the content is a tricky task. But it is the simplest task as you need to mail the content to the official email ID: editor.opensquares@gmail.com

Our team will review the content and will submit their review to you within 24 hours. 


Summing up this article on Write for Us Legal, we have tried to cover all the important topics on Legal affairs and guided the new contributors on some of the topics related to legal matters. You can have diverse options and can also research the topic online. You should also use your thinking capabilities to judge the demand of the readers and write for our website, Opensquares. 

Did you understand all of our guidelines? Kindly let us know if any point is not clear to you in the comment section below.

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