{Video Link} Onic Kayes Viral Link Video: Check Details On Scandal, And Telegram Clip

Looking for the details of Onic Kayes Viral Link Video? Do check out this Scandal news and Telegram clip here.

Are you looking for the Onic Kayes news and videos? What is there in the viral Telegram link of this personality? Why are the people of the Philippines and Indonesia looking for the latest news about her? The article below will discuss the details of Onic Kayes Viral Link VideoLet’s get started.

What is the latest news surrounding Onic Kayes Viral Link Video?

Onic Kayes, who is a popular personality from Indonesia, was in controversy recently when a video of her leaked on social media. The Leaked video has raised questions and discussion among the netizens. There are a lot of rumours surrounding this leaked video, and it has become one of the most widely discussed topics on the internet. Moreover, as she is an esports personality, the community is interested in authentic information related to her.

What is in the Onic Kayes Viral Telegram Video?

As the video was recently leaked, there is not much information in this case. Moreover, the source of the Telegram video is also not available. People who have watched the Onic Kayes video are showing their anger towards the leaked content. On the other hand, people who have not watched the leaked video are searching for links to it.

The information on whether the personality in the video is real or part of a deep-fake video is still under observation. At present, who leaked Onic Kayes’s video is also not known.

Onic Kayes Scandal– People’s Reaction:

The leaked video of Onic Kayes has caused a stir in the online world. Many people diverted in their opinion on this matter. Some are showing their support, while others are expressing their anger and criticizing her actions. Many fans of Onic Kayes have created hashtags to show their different emotions.

The unauthorized access to the media and sharing it with the public is a concern for many people. Privacy, consent and making false allegations or assumptions are other things discussed after Onic Kayes Viral Telegram Video.

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Who is Onic Kayes?

Who is Onic Kayes

Onic Kayes is a popular esports personality from Indonesia. She is mainly famous for her short videos, and she gained popularity on platforms like TikTok and Facebook. She used to share interesting and unique content with her followers. Her followers always remain curious to watch the trending clips of Onic Kayes. 

Sadly, these days, her name is searched for scandalous videos. The online community has been engaged in debates and discussions regarding allegation.  However, the legitimacy of the viral news is yet to be validated. 

What does she have to say on the Onic Kayes Scandal?

Amid controversies, her followers wait for’s reaction of Onic on the scandalous news about her. As per recent updates, Onic Kayes has not spoken with the media about this matter. Neither has she responded to anything on social media about her ongoing controversies. We can consider that neither she has acknowledged nor denied the viral videos.

But her fans are impatiently waiting for her to come forward and address the issue straight after the scandal news has sparked controversy.

Onic Kayes Viral Link Video controversy has also brought attention to the necessity for public figures to exercise caution in both their behavior and their use of social media. Many are hoping that Onic Kayes will speak with her fans directly and that the situation will be resolved in a straightforward manner as the story develops.

Social media Links:

No social media links are available, as the video was deleted from the source.


The article discussed the viral telegram video of Onic Kayes. The news discussed why people are eagerly searching for this personality. We have also covered who Onic Kayes is. We will update you if the information in this case is clear. You can check YouTube Shorts of Onic Kayes here.

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Disclaimer: The information is taken from the viral news, and some of the things are not clear in this. Also, we have not provided the viral link because the authenticity of the video is yet to be precise.

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