[Updated] Moon-10.com Jamaica: Check Trustworthy Reviews Of Moon-10.come Here!

The article provides complete details about the Moon-10.com Jamaica website from the Jamaica region and its legitimacy.

Do you guys know about the website known as Moon-10.com Jamaica? Are you the person who is keener to know about the legitimacy and nature of the content that is getting posted on this website?

Then, this article is going to answer all your questions and explain why this website is trending all over Jamaica, Canada, and the United States. One of the major reasons is due to their explicit content, and there are more interesting facts that have been hidden regarding this website. Let us see them one by one.

Disclaimer: We are a team of people who share the truth of the news, and we don’t endorse or support any inappropriate websites and their activities.

True Face of the website and what is Moon-10.come?

Here, the term Moon-10 come refers to the website known as “Moon 10.” This website has its roots in the African region, but its content is getting popular all over the world because all its content is purely based on explicit, intimate news of the social media person, celebrities and even normal people. In addition to that, they usually share highly controversial information, and all their content is for the person whose age is above 18.

As of now, they are sharing the content from the geographical location of Africa, where they have categorized their content under four main categories namely.

  • Home
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Education

Even though the categories look great, the articles that are getting shared by the Moon-10.com Jamaica website revolve around only age-restricted content, and the surprising fact is that the images they upload in the range are also very obscene and inappropriate. So, everyone might have been intrigued to know the legitimacy of this website, so let us see the technical vitals and the nature of the website.

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Is the website legit?

In this section, the proper analysis of the website is done, and by observing these details, we can indirectly measure the authentic nature of the news as well. So, let’s get into it.

Date of the creation of this website: Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 12:00 a.m.

Age of the website: As it was created last year, the exact age of this website is 10 months.

Date of expiration of the website: Tuesday, November 8, 2024, 12:00 a.m. The lifespan is very minimal.

Trust value of Moon-10.com Jamaica website: The trust score reflects the authentic nature of the website and gives us a sense of assurance about the website. In this case, this website has scored only 27.5. Thus, the probability of trusting this website eroded significantly.

The popularity of the website: It has scored zero.

Detection of HTTPS: We can detect the HTTPS security in this profile.

Phishing score and threat profile data: it has scored 26/100.

Malware score data: It has scored around 14/100.

Black list data: Till now, the Moon 10 website has not been backlisted by any search engines.

Thus, by seeing all these vitals, we couldn’t come to the conclusion that the Moon 10 website is totally legit since they have failed to score some important points.

More detailed parameters

In this section, we are going to share the parameters that the Moon-10.com Jamaica website has shared to its readers. The important thing to be noted is that these are parameters that are essential for the website to run on search engines. Let’s look at whether the Moon 10 website has provided all those details.

Website link: https://moon-10.com/

Privacy policy: They have provided detailed provisions about their privacy policy data along with the data protection laws provisions.

Mail address: support@moon-10.com; they have provided their contact address for more collaborations or any redressal of privacy policies.

Contact number: They haven’t provided any contact numbers.

Reviews from the readers: They have shared many explicit and more controversial news articles, but we couldn’t see any comments on the Moon-10.come website.

Free access: This website offers free access to read the whole content.

Developer information: They still need to provide detailed information about the owner and developer of the domain.

People view about the website

The Moon 10 website is currently emerging as popular because of its juicy content and impressive titles. For example, their latest article revolves around the story of how a mother let her husband do inappropriate things to her 3-year-old daughter.

This news is strictly not for people under 18. Still, this type of content gets more web impressions, and surprisingly, Moon-10.com Jamaica website is also getting more web impressions because people love to gossip and tend to know more about juicy things. Hence, this interest is the fuel for this website to grow further and stronger.

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Advantages of the website

  • This website provides free global access so that anyone from any part of the world can view its content.
  • They provide more interesting topics for their readers.

Disadvantages of the website 

  • This website is running purely for fame and popularity since its articles are highly explicit.
  • We couldn’t see any comments in their posts.
  • The trust score of the website is very poor.

Social media presence of Moon-10.com Jamaica

The website has shared that they have some accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. But they are completely false. We have double-checked their accounts, but we weren’t able to see their pages. But the Moon 10 website is presently active on one platform, which is “Telegram.” They used to upload their latest updates and more spicy data on their Telegram page, and the link to the page is provided at the end of the article. Here is the link 

If any of the readers want to read and stay cautious of PayPal scams.

Final thoughts

As we have analyzed both extremes of the Moon-10.com Jamaica website, this website is not for everyone since it is highly obscene. But we can’t deny the fact that this website is getting more web impressions, so it denotes that some people like their way of telling the news and the type of news. Henceforth, we advise the readers to double-check this website and the age restriction parameters before reading any of their articles. Here is the article which helps you stay away from any scam website do read it, How to check if a website is secure with 7 simple steps (rockcontent.com)

Also read this article to stay vigilant against any credit card scam.

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