[Updated] Kelsey vs Dabb Gasm: Checkout Details Of Her and Dabb Fan Bus Video Leak Now!

Here in this article, we are going to see the fan moments of Kelsey Lawrence via herKelsey vs Dabb Gasm fan bus leak video.

Are you the person who is a great fan of Dabb and Kelsy Lawrence? Then, have you watched their trending Kelsey vs Dabb Gasm video, which is going viral all over the United States?

If not, then you have missed a very crucial moment of their fan bus moments with these social media celebrities. But no worries, in this article, we have updated all these latest happenings, so stay tuned until the end.

Disclaimer: All details are derived from the social media accounts of Fanbus, Kelsey, and Dabb Orgasm; thus, our website is not responsible for any fake information.

What is the Kelsey Fanbus Leak video?

The Fan Bus is a social media channel where they organize a meeting of people with their crushes on a big car (well, it is not actually a bus!). Meeting our crushes is the best part of everyone’s life, so it has happened to Kelsey. Kelsey is a 3 feet 10 inches small social media influencer who expressed her crush feeling over the great artist on her live video, and Dabb is a big artist who does many comedy and adult skits. Thus, the Kelsey and Dabb Fan Bus meeting was organized, and the video was released on YouTube on September 15, 2023. The name of the episode is “FAN DATE: She Met Her Crush on The Fan Bus (Episode 1).”

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What is the spicy thing in the video?

A fan bus meeting is like a crush and a fan meeting, so there are no explicit or inappropriate happenings in the Kelsey Lawrence Fan Bus Video. In that video, Kelsey wore short jeans and a black shirt. She seemed to be very happy about meeting her crush. At the same time, Dabb also seemed to be very cheerful when meeting his fan, Kelsey; he came in his iconic blue hair color and black funky t-shirt.

In the Kelsey Fanbus Leak video, both of them were talking like very good friends. They talked about their likes and even played blindfolded games. And the content is very good, and we couldn’t see any inappropriate moments from both Kelsey and Dabb.

Since it’s titled a leak video, you might be alarmed about the content, but it’s an all-age-friendly video for all the fans of Kelsey and Dabb.

Where can we watch the Kelsey and Dabb Fan Bus video?

The video was first posted on the official website of the “fan bus” YouTube channel. And it gets posted on September 15, 2023. And snippets of the video can be seen on the Instagram page of the fan bus.

At the same time, both Kelsey and Dabb have shared their fan bus moments on their respective Instagram social media pages as well. In addition to that, fans of Dabb have spread Kelsey Lawrence Fan Bus Video on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. So the access for viewing the video is completely free of cost.

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Social media presence

Here are the social media account details of

Kelsey Lawrence: Kelsey Lawrence💕 (@kelss.af) • Instagram photos and videos

Dabb: Quartavius pate (@dabb.gasmmm) • Instagram photos and videos


The fan bus video reached nearly millions of views on all social media platforms. The Kelsey vs. Dabb Gasm video was indeed great for the fans, and most importantly, our cheerful Kelsey has seen and had a great conversation with her crush, Dabb Gasm. Even after the fan bus event, both of them met for another personal meeting, and those pictures are also going viral on their Instagram pages. We wish their friendship grew stronger.

What do you guys think about their relationship? Comment your thoughts below.

Youtube link of the video: (687) FAN DATE – She met her Crush on The FanBus (episode 1) – YouTube

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