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Check detailed guidelines on our platform’s Write for Us Cryptocurrency guest post. Also, know about related topics,advantages,and keywords.

A need for education on the intricacies of blockchain technology,investment analysis,market trends,comprehensive insights,cultural aspects and practical applications within the cryptocurrency community,and regulatory updates drives the curiosity of people in Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency articles serve as vital resources for understanding security protocols,emerging projects,and the dynamic landscape of decentralized finance.

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast,you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Cryptocurrency guest posts on our platform by the guidelines below.

About Opensquares.org:

Opensquares.org is a commercial platform focusing on knowledge and news. We publish articles on trending topics such as banking, business, cryptocurrencies, culture, current affairs,economics,products,fashion,finance,fitness,gaming,health,investment,IT,leisure,lifestyle,medicine,politics,product and website reviews,science,travel,geopolitical analysis,and more. 

As we aspire to be a notable source of cryptocurrency information, we invite bloggers to contribute their cryptocurrency-related guest posts on our platform.

Skill sets of a blogger:

  • Writers should possess the capability to conduct thorough research on any Cryptocurrency-related subjects. 
  • Writers should possess comprehensive knowledge of various Cryptocurrency-related topics.
  • Writers should deeply understand our audience’s interests and preferences in Cryptocurrency.
  • Writers should possess outstanding written communication skills.

Qualifications of a Cryptocurrency Write for Us Writer:

  • Writers are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by producing well-written documents.
  • Formal certification in Cryptocurrency investment is not mandatory for writers.
  • Writers with prior professional experience in the Cryptocurrency market are preferred. Proficiency in crafting website content,guest posts,blogs,or articles is an essential requirement.

General guidelines:

  • The emphasis of guest posts should be on the subject of Cryptocurrency.
  • It is essential to stay on topic and not deviate from it.
  • Repetitions of information and sentences should be avoided.
  • Cryptocurrency Write for Us articles must include two images without copyright restrictions,an introductory section,and a reference link to the source of the information.
  • There should be a section dedicated to FAQs. 
  • To ensure fairness,cryptocurrency articles must have an unbiased conclusion summarizing all key points.
  • Cryptocurrency write-ups should have a minimum word count of 800 but should not exceed 1,500 words.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Cryptocurrency guest posts must be authentic and not copied from other articles.
  • The Cryptocurrency guest posts should be free from grammatical errors.
  • Redundancy should be avoided in the Cryptocurrency “Write for Us” guest posts.
  • Writers must refrain from including any offensive information,words,or promotional links.
  • The article should be logically structured with headings,bullet points,and subheads.
  • Cryptocurrency guest posts should provide accurate information,numeric figures,and facts,excluding gossip or false details.
  • Guest posts should be assessed for a high readability score.
  • The cryptocurrency write-up should include two backlinks and Do-followup links.
  • It is essential to avoid using passive voice in cryptocurrency guest posts.
  • More than 80% of the articles should be written in an active voice. 
  • The keywords should be used appropriately and consistently to enhance search engine optimization.

Cryptocurrency “Write for Us” Topics:

Introduction to cryptocurrency/What is blockchain technology?/Bitcoin explained/Ethereum and its features/Different types of cryptocurrencies/The role of mining in cryptocurrency/Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)/How to buy and store cryptocurrencies/Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms/Security measures for protecting cryptocurrency investments/Bitcoin vs altcoins: A comparison/Understanding cryptocurrency wallets/Government regulations on cryptocurrency/Cryptocurrency taxation laws/Cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them/Cryptocurrency market analysis and trends/The impact of global events on cryptocurrency prices/Stablecoins and their benefits/Cryptocurrency and its relation to the traditional banking system/Cryptocurrency and its potential in developing countries/The future of cryptocurrencies/Decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency lending/Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their uses/Write for Us + Cryptocurrency on Cryptocurrency wallets for mobile devices/Exploring the concept of smart contracts/Cryptocurrency mining and its environmental impact/The role of artificial intelligence in cryptocurrency trading/Cryptocurrency trading strategies/Cryptocurrency price analysis tools/Cryptocurrency investment tips for beginners/Cryptocurrency and its potential for remittances/Understanding cryptocurrency forks/The legal implications of using cryptocurrency/Overcoming challenges in cryptocurrency adoption/The role of big tech companies in cryptocurrency/Cryptocurrency and online gaming/Exploring the connection between cryptocurrency and esports/Cryptocurrency and the entertainment industry/The impact of social media on cryptocurrency prices/Cryptocurrency and the gig economy/Unbanked populations and cryptocurrency as a solution/Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their implications/Write for Us + Cryptocurrency on the ethical considerations of investing in cryptocurrencies/Cryptocurrency and charitable donations/Exploring the environmental sustainability of cryptocurrencies/The geopolitical implications of widespread cryptocurrency adoption/The role of decentralized exchanges in the cryptocurrency market/Understanding the concept of tokenization/Cryptocurrency and cross-border transactions/Cryptocurrency and space exploration/The role of quantum computing in securing cryptocurrency networks/Cryptocurrency and the healthcare sector/Cryptocurrency and renewable energy initiatives/Exploring the correlation between cryptocurrency and gold prices/The impact of celebrity endorsements on cryptocurrency investments/Regulation of stablecoins and their impact on financial stability/Cryptocurrency and the real estate market/Cryptocurrency and intellectual property protection/The role of cryptocurrency in philanthropy/Cryptocurrency and the future of digital identity management,Etc.

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Advantages of Write for Us:

  • Enhance the visibility of your work. 
  • Your expertise and knowledge will be recognized. 
  • Sharing your article will expand its readership. 
  • Paves a way for new opportunities by posting Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” guest posts.
  • You can attract more organic search traffic. 
  • Interested Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have direct access to your articles.
  • Improves your research abilities,knowledge,and written communication skills,allowing you to stay up-to-date.

Submitting guest posts:

Kindly submit a sample write-up to editor.opensquares@gmail.com for your Cryptocurrency guest post to undergo a review process. Alternatively,you may directly send your guest post for publication on our platform. 

Final thoughts:

Please note that we retain the right to modify or remove certain portions of your submission.

Kindly note that once your Cryptocurrency guest posts are approved,you are prohibited from submitting them elsewhere. Our team will reach out to you prior to publication of Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” posts or within a 24-hour timeframe following the submission of your Cryptocurrency guest posts.

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