Around 200 gardens take part in Open Garden Squares Weekend each year. There is a real variety - from the traditional private squares to contemporary roof gardens, not to mention skips, prisons, museums, schools and allotments.

We have a mix of gardens that are private, those that are not normally open at weekends and some that are open, but are hidden gems that you might not know about. Gardens that are normally open provide activities ranging from puppet shows to walks and exhibitions by friends groups. They will usually have active, dedicated community groups passionate about their local area, their garden and community.

We will be announcing the list of gardens in February.

Private Communal Gardens

A private garden

Community Gardens

A community garden

Secret Gardens

A secret garden

Allotment Gardens

An allotment garden

Rooftop Gardens

A roof garden

Musical Gardens

A musical garden

Historic Gardens

Fenton House (Sarah Jackson)

Wildlife Gardens

Fann Street (Barbican Wildlife Group)