Pooles Park Primary School

Pooles Park Primary School
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The Pooles Park Community Garden is a beautiful, interactive green space just five minutes' walk from Finsbury Park station. It is set within the school grounds and has, with much love, care and commitment by the staff, children, families and volunteers, evolved into a small oasis for the benefit of wildlife and us.

In our productive Global Food Garden we grow a variety of organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Our greenhouse keeps our chilli, aubergine and okra plants warm. A mini trained-fruit orchard enhances a south-facing wall. We have extensive composting facilities and rainwater collection tanks. Our hens are very friendly and happy.

The wildlife pond and bog garden, mini-woodland, native hedgerows, wildflower meadows and circles support both visiting and resident wildlife, enabling the children attending Pooles Park to grow up seeing and understanding the importance of a variety of wildlife.

We often fire up our earth oven to cook fresh, organic food from the garden - pizzas, jacket potatoes and more.....

Our environmental education journey began over 12 years ago and the garden has been explored and enjoyed by visiting schools and organisations, as well as the children and staff at Pooles Park. A multitude of volunteers from the local and wider communities helps us to maintain and develop our fantastic garden.

Capital Growth garden: 230

Environmental Tutor: Sophia Ioannou

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