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Nomura International PLC
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No.1 Angel Lane is an architecturally distinguished 525,000 sq.ft development occupying the largest area of open riverside space in the City of London. It forms the focal point of the new business district connecting the river and the heart of the City.

The sixth-floor terrace - the size of eight tennis courts - has unobstructed, panoramic views of the river Thames. It is open to staff and clients to eat al fresco during the summer months while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the gardens, its water features and London's breathtaking scenery.

The formal gardens are planned and maintained by Tony and Matt of ISS Facilities Landscaping. With over 50 years' experience between them, the hedges, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ferns, herbs and grasses - as well as the lawns - are kept in pristine condition for employees and visitors to enjoy.

The Kitchen garden measuring 56' by 20' is divided into twelve beds providing ample space to grow over 25 different varieties of vegetables and edible flowers. Planned and maintained voluntarily by Eileen, Linda and Tessa (the switchboards team), the seeds are started off in their homes , brought in by tube, finally reaching the garden to flourish and enable the chefs to take their pick of fresh vegetables in season for Client Dining. Any surplus is offered for sale to staff, the profits donated to charity.

Now in its 5th year, the garden has won many prestigious awards including Best Large Garden at the Flowers in the City awards 2014, Outstanding Food Grower (Commercial) at the City in Bloom Awards 2015, and the Gold Award at the Flowers in the City 2016  

Gardeners: Tony, Matt (ISS Landcapes) Eileen, Linda and Tessa (volunteers)

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