Gloucester Square Residents' Gardens

Gloucester Square Residents' Gardens
(Photo: Candy Blackham)
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Award-winning community garden located within a peaceful tree-lined residential square between Haggerston Park and Regent's Canal, onto which it opens. 

Gloucester Square was built in 1987 as affordable housing on a former industrial site.

In 2009 after years of neglect residents decided to rejuvenate the flowerbeds. The gardens are split into different themes and styles to reflect residents' interests in gardening aesthetics. There is a small woodland garden, a central planted landscaped sancturay and two flowerbeds where plants, herbs and vegetables are seamlessly planted within borders. 

Awards: Gold Best Community Project 'Hackney in Bloom' 2013, Bronze Best Community Garden 2014, East London Gardening Society.

Voluntary Head Gardener: Hamzah-Adam Desai

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