Gledhow Gardens

Gledhow Gardens
(Photo: Sarah Jackson)
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The gardens here are named after the family home of Miss Jane Benyon of Gledhow Hall in Yorkshire, who married landowner Captain Robert Gunter in the 19th century. The area was originally filled with market gardens and there was once a thriving village located between Gledhow and Bina Gardens.

The site was developed by James Gunter, who founded a property empire on the proceeds of his celebrated bakery business. Gunter's first purchase was Earls Court Lodge, known as Currant-Jelly Hall. Eventually he purchased most of the land as far as Redcliffe Gardens and developed it as rented houses for the London season.

The communal garden here was formed by the Gunter Estate management, which joined the originally separate back gardens of the surrounding Victorian villas together. The clean microclimate has nourished some of the oldest and healthiest trees in London. There is a range of interesting wildlife, including a variety of rare bird species. We keep the gardens as organic and pesticide-free as possible.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr Robert Ker, the gardens now belong to the residents.

: Robert Player of Garden Associates

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