Alara Permaculture Forest Garden

Alara Permaculture Forest Garden
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Saturday 10:0016:00 + Sunday 10:0016:00
These interlinked gardens on Camley Street are formed from land around an industrial estate 10 mins walk from King's Cross..

In 2005 after removing 50 tons of rubbish the largest area was enclosed and terraced using coppiced sweet-chestnut logs to make a Permaculture Forest Garden. This has been planted with silverberry, pomegranate, Japanese wineberry, apricot, apple, pear, plum, edible hawthorn, in total over 80 different food crops.

There is a vineyard next to a lorry park, an orchard by a cash & carry and a communal compost heap. In 2014 we built a greenhouse and extended the meeting area.

Capital Growth garden: 215
Alex Smith
Lots of different plants for sale. Food and teas from the garden. The gardens are linked to Alara who are providing a sample box of organic muesli for each visitor.
Camley Street - between Booker Cash & Carry and Alara
Nearest postcode: N1C 4PF
Sells tickets.
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46, 214
Camden Road, Camden Town, King's Cross, St Pancras,
Cycle hire station:
Handyside Street (Map)
Toilet on site.
Vineyard, orchard and raised beds suitable for wheelchairs. Permaculture garden has steps and very narrow paths.
Dogs on leads
Help with selling tickets etc would be appreciated.
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